Testimony that King Crimson covered for and co-authored the AIDS attack and have brutally tortured a witness

24312731_10214979021299955_2702263581504066616_nPlease Familiarize yourself with these images, I will refer to them in the course of this writing.  The above witll be referred to:  the top image of a roman pink actress pricking up her ears at a cathedral and the lower an asiatic lookalike of Gail Burstyn from an Ayn Rand film made in the 50’s saying the lyrics of Lennon’s supposed last popular song.

25398678_10215077000549375_8600690383625169337_n25354014_10215076993189191_9200357350916536085_n25592013_10215118770753604_1362608634645664736_nThese next three images will be referred to as the first one on the left as the Robert Fripp album with a lookalike of Burstyn by the swimmer pool in a bathing suit striped like the doll on the cover of Sgt. Pepper, followed by a lookalike of Gail Burstyn playing violin with an open mouoth geisha positioned with a parasol handle pointed between her legs open mouthed, followed by a Neva Corp. cover of a nude actress on trial.25354180_10215076994349220_6013535296932541409_nThis image will be referred to as the Ming Na Wen Disneyworld after dark carrot tape image25353676_10215076996989286_5649533988500948924_n (2)This image will be referred to as the Mark Ye the Twain image from the Oswald Diary edition of LIFE 196429790403_10216025969513006_6381185279926992896_nThis image will be referred to as the hidden bust of Hitler beside Reagan in his wartime film dangerous journey29791240_10216029528081968_9103956969475014656_nThis will be referred to as  a Key King Edward Hollywood semiotic

19642448_10215432288871361_8659574298116169949_nThis is a reference to Capitol Records which was in Dallas in 1963.  These images will be reference points for the argument exposing the ruinous and catastrophic attacks by King Crimson on the United States of America.


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